Friday, June 7, 2013

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All Heroes die.   ...some more than others.  

Dimanagul - (1)One without magic:  (2)One that is an undying abomination; (3)One that will cause the destruction of the world of Pange.

Project begun: 09/22/2011 by Eric R. Jackson

What is Dimanagul?:

"Dimanagul" Is the pending series name however the first book of "Dimanagul" is in a completed state.
Book 1: Word Count: approx. 120,000    by Eric R. Jackson

What is The "Dimanagul" about?:

Synopsis of book 1, The Two Destroyers:

The world of Pange, a world where magic is commonplace, utilitarian, but typically weak faces destruction by it's own source of life. Mile wide suns that launch daily from it's surface and make a slow trek across the skies. The story begins in Geldbane, the largest of the nations of Pange's main continent. There, the Gelbane's genius king, Darius Solace has set the stage to find the resolution of this calamity.

However, due to an unpopular war with the Desert Nation of Dendargia, the king has been proclaimed dead at the hands of his unhappy subjects.

Pange is watched over by a lone Diety, the Goddess of Luck, who has her own agenda regarding the fate of her land.

The story follows the exploits of four men and women. Naida Holderin, a steadfast swordswoman; Helgando "Hush" Barrington, a master archer and mercenary; Zammela Glemeis, a powerful magician; and Derrek Graymer, a young man with a curious connection to the Goddess.

Along with a mysterious priest, Tartagin Tolten, they take the first steps to averting this calamity. Though they face certain failure and death, perhaps luck is enough to make the difference.

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